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The works of William Shakespeare have sometimes been likened to rocket science for the modern day performer and reader. A bevy of “doth’s” and “thou’s” and puffy sleeved characters parading about might leave even the brightest of young scholars scratching their heads in uncertainty. In this modern retelling of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, the audience finds themselves mysteriously whisked away to “The Shakespeare Zone.” The eccentric but all-knowing narrator attempts to hold our hands through a twisted tale of separated twins and mistaken identity, but not before he is interrupted by Shakespeare’s other well-known characters. The always-commentative Shakespearean Brigade includes a pompous, opinionated  Hamlet, the, wide-eyed, star-crossed lovers themselves, Romeo and Juliet and many more familiar names. As the many roads of Shakespeare’s plays become entangled and infused, we ride along a slapstick-filled, absurdly funny merry-go-round of love, tragedy, tomfoolery and, of course, comical error.

Additional Info
Runtime: 30-40 Minutes
Cast: 25-31 Actors (Can be doubled as necessary)
14-17 Females, 16-18 Males (Gender-flexible)

Setting: Minimal Interior Scenery


For information on production permissions and royalties, simply contact me

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