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Hi, I'm Candace.

Hi there and thanks for popping by! My name is Candace and I am an actor-turned-artist living in Charlotte, NC with my husband and two sweet kiddos.


I am a full-time graphic designer with Neal Studio, and also love working on my own freelance projects (which include commissioned portraits, children’s book illustrations, vibrant visuals for orchestral family concerts, art prints, stickers, and more). 


My art is colorful, quirky, cozy, and cartoonish. I love feel-good art that can also educate, heal and empower. Whether it's for a light chuckle, normalizing a mental health topic, speaking out for social change, celebrating life's moments big and small, or providing peace through difficult transitions, I'm excited to draw it. 

For freelance and design inquiries/ quotes, take a look around my site or drop me a line!

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