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For centuries, we’ve grown familiar with the fairy tales that made us grow, brightened our imaginations, and satiated our hunger for magic, mystery, adventure and fantasy. But, what happens when all of the tales we assumed we knew were not quite so? What happens after our princesses have kissed their princes, the villains have met defeat, and everyone lives their so-called “happily ever after?” In this nutty, high-spirited mix-up of familiar stories, three siblings find themselves whisked away to a once glittery land, now burdened with apathy and boredom. The villains have no one to heckle, the mythical creatures have no one to aid, the princesses are tethered to workout routines and baking pies. Through friendship, steadfast courage, hysterical wit, and an abundance of whimsical exploits and colorful obstacles, the characters we all know and love reinvent the meaning of “Happily Ever After.”

Additional Info
Runtime: 35-45 Minutes
Cast: 20-36 Actors (19-25 Females, 7-10 Males- all roles flexible)
Setting: Minimal Interior Scenery

Purchase a perusal script right here for just $5! For information on production permissions and royalties, simply contact me

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