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Candace Neal is a singer-songwriter from NC rerouted to FL writing quirky tunes with tickle-you-pink melodies and soulful vocals.

The indie pop-rockette recorded her very first album  "Music From A Can" in 2010. The ten-tune melodic autobiography covers everything from school girl crushes to sassy bitterness, from cake to butterscotch candles, from tinkery pianos to vibrant strings and Queen-inspired guitar licks.

Also famous for her clever covers of the songs you always loved and never knew you loved, Candace's smooth-like-caramel vocals, re-imagined melodies and playful underscores harness joy and inevitable toe-tapping. Likened to female powerhouses such as Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, Candace Neal is sure to satisfy your ears and your heart.

In the works is Candace's second album, "Girl In The Storm." A stark black and white contrast between happy and sad, Candace's songs will take you through the storms and sunshine of her own life. Coming soon to your ears.

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