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Superhero Springs is a pleasant town bustling with retired Superheroes and their families. With a 0% crime rate, there’s little to complain about. But, not everyone is thrilled with this happy-go-lucky land. As notorious villains join forces and rekindle their passion for wrongdoing, the young, ambitious generation of new “superkids” must hone their skills to defeat evil! There is no shortage of comedy, combat, or comradery in this spirited, adventurous tale of super proportions.

Additional Info
Runtime: 30-40 Minutes
Cast: 25-30 Actors (Can be doubled as necessary)
15-17 Females, 12-17 Males (Gender-flexible)

Setting: Minimal Interior Scenery

Purchase a perusal script right here for just $5! For information on production permissions and royalties, simply contact me

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