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The #StayHome Series

I've tried to find the words to poetically encapsulate this strange and upsetting time in which we seem to find ourselves. But, I have come up short. I keep splashing around in all the utterances on repeat in recent headlines: scary, uncertain, tragic, unprecedented. Add "weird" to the mix.

I, like many of you, have been furloughed from my job(s).

Oddly enough, as a profound homebody, extroverted introvert, and doodle enthusiast, this has also served (thus far) as a time of respite and renewed creativity. I'm working more than ever on illustrations for you fine people and I am so excited to share some new works!

My #StayHome Series explores all the famous places I'd like to stay home during the days of quarantine and is available for viewing on Instagram and Facebook. AND this art will be available for purchase very soon!

Stay tune and more importantly, stay safe, my dear friends!

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